• Development


      Transcendent has a history of developing business driven technology solutions for customers in such markets as retail, finance, service and manufacturing. There are plenty of “off the shelf” applications, but when your company needs a custom developed business application to automate a core business function, Transcendent is your cost effective solution.

    • Architecture and Design

      The design and structure of your application is equally as important as the technical details of its implementation. Software architecture and design forms the backbone for building successful software systems.

      A systems architecture can significantly dictate quality attributes such as performance, interoperability, security, and reliability. Architectures are the blueprints for a system, and the carriers of the system’s quality attributes. It represents a capitalized investment, a reusable model that can be transferred from one system to the next. Architecture represents a common vehicle for communication among a system’s stakeholders, and is the arena in which conflicting goals and requirements are mediated.

      The right architecture is the linchpin for software project success. The wrong one is a recipe for disaster. Architecture and Design is a critical and yet cost-effective way of mitigating the substantial risks associated with any software project.

      Capabilities – At Transcendent, we remain focused on maximizing your IT investments by employing professional resources with expertise in such technologies as Microsoft® .NET. This allows us to design, build, deploy and manage your business applications overall architecture and design to ensure you achieve the business results you seek. Our capabilities include:

      • Architecture design: We provide a practical approach for developing an architecture that meets your requirements.
      • Architecture evaluation: We evaluate software architectures based on your specific quality attributes
      • Architecture Life-Cycle Integration: Building on your vision, we can build bridges between new and existing architectures
      • Architecture reconstruction: We can evaluate poorly performing systems to determine if the architecture is an issue, and if needed, create a plan to move to a new architecture.
    • System Integration

      With a broad range of expertise on multiple platforms, applications, hardware, and environments, Transcendent delivers tangible solutions to integrating and customizing applications. These services provide for clear alignment with business requirements while driving project success.

      With the range of technologies being used to support ever-changing business environments, it has never been harder to integrate systems. The breadth and depth of our System Integration Capabilities enables us to leverage your IT investments, minimize your risk and deliver complete systems integration services and solutions to address your unique business needs.

      We combine powerful technologies together with our proven processes to maximize compatibility, interoperability and enterprise wide information integration.

      Capabilities – Transcendent focuses on maximizing your IT investments by employing professional resources certified in such technologies as Microsoft® .NET. This allows us to design, build and manage your business applications to ensure the business results you seek are achieved. Our System Integration portfolio includes:

      • Architect, Integrate and Manage Custom Application and Information Infrastructures
      • Integration of Software and Hardware components
      • Network Integration
      • Enterprise Application Integration
      • Legacy to Web Migration
    • "Transcendent has a keen awareness for minimizing business interruption. That is the hallmark of Transcendent. The majority of people with their talent simply miss that we are running a business."
    • Customized Development

      We bring the unique skill sets of industry leading consultants together with the power of advanced technology to provide you the application capabilities you require.

      Technologies – Developing custom applications is what we do best. With technologies always changing, we’ve designed a custom application approach that targets solutions which meet your most critical business needs. We keep abreast of emerging technology trends and platforms and offer you expertise in technologies such as:

      • Microsoft® .NET and legacy technologies
      • Database Microsoft SQL Server

      Services -Transcendent blends expert technical skills, real-world experience, proven project management, and a solid component-based architectural framework to help solve your toughest business challenges.

      • Full Life-cycle development – End-to-end custom application development
      • Project management – Certified Project Managers to lead your projects
      • Business analysis – Business analysis and feature/function design
      • Solution architecture – Solution architecture development and review
      • Testing – Independent quality, regression and performance testing
      • Solution deployment – Business process and platform readiness
      • System optimization – Application and database tuning
      • Software maintenance – Patching, break fixing, monitoring
    • Data Management

      Data is the foundation of your organization’s business applications. How data is stored, structured, retrieved, and reported are the elements that comprise Transcendent’s data management capabilities. Knowing who has access to your ERP, CRM, supply chain, and financial systems data is critical. Transcendent eliminates the guesswork of data storage. We help you leverage data when you demand it most.

      Services – Are you looking for accurate real-time data? With Transcendent’s data capabilities, we design a data management structure that helps you make more informed decisions by tapping into your company’s information resources. No matter how fragmented your current system may be, we provide the business intelligence you need at your fingertips.

      • Architect and implement databases
      • Design data analytics and reporting systems
      • Performance tuning
      • Upgrade or migrate databases or reporting systems
      • Manage database systems so that your data environment is secure and highly available

      Technologies – We understand you may have multiple different technologies and business models, which house fragmented, critical data. Unlike other technology consulting companies, we provide solutions that tap into your data sources in order to automate real-time, business critical and accurate data. We do this by offering a myriad of advanced technologies, including:

      • Microsoft SQL Server™ and Microsoft® Access
      • Microsoft Enterprise Reporting
      • Business Objects™