• IT Consulting


      It all starts with a vision. Business depends on technology as never before to drive transformation, productivity, and operations. Transcendent recognizes that technology solutions only become relevant when they solve real business problems. Any technology initiative not tightly linked to specific, measurable business goals risks delivering an empty promise.

    • Trusted Adviser

      Transcendent recognizes that technology solutions only become relevant when they solve real business problems. We work as our client’s most trusted business adviser to help create business environments that are more efficient, effective, and strategically focused. We connect with our customers to understand their business, vision, challenges, expectations and technology platforms.

      Once we understand our clients business needs, we align our services, capabilities and solutions to design a customized or packaged solution best suited for their strategic direction. This relationship, paired with our experience and understanding of best practices, allows us to create a clear path toward better business. This relationship enables our clients to define a stronger core business or manage a stable infrastructure platform and messaging system designed around their strategic goals.

      Being a Trusted Adviser means understanding all our clients’ risk – including the bottom line. That’s why with Transcendent you can receive fixed-price contracts and Service Level Agreements for everything we deliver. It is this approach and our dedication to our customers’ success that forms the relationship of Trusted Adviser. Allow us to partner with you and add your name to our list of satisfied customers. We are committed to helping you get closer to your own customers, leverage evolving technology, and strengthen your position in the marketplace.

    • IT Leadership on Demand

      Organizations of all sizes are realizing the measurable results from contracting out IT management and leadership. IT Leadership on Demand brings executive experience to the table while providing both mentoring and leadership development to your technically talented IT Staff.

      Transcendent’s IT Leadership on Demand brings you specialized services directly targeting specific needs within your IT organization, whether it be strategy development, execution, governance, or business alignment.

      IT Leadership on Demand provides unique IT Leadership regardless of your need; an interim CIO, a technology executive staff, or a trusted advisor for defining business driven technology solutions.

      More than just a contract CIO, as a strategic partner Transcendent will collaborate with you and your staff to review strategic and tactical plans and advise you on management processes and best practices for achieving your commitments.

      Transcendent’s IT Leadership on Demand benefits:

      • Savings – Contracting saves money in benefits, taxes, and liabilities
      • Transitional – Purposely designed to provide knowledge transfer to existing staff
      • Experience – Provides years of experience to your executive team and staff
      • Strategy – Guides your IT Staff to the next level of maturity assuring your company is making the best use of IT investments
      • Cultural Fit – Non-threatening, non-disruptive
      • Perspective – Brings “best practices” and perspective from within and outside your industry into the organization

      Transcendent believes that our IT Leadership on Demand solution can help identify and deliver the right processes, techniques, and solutions to produce incredible results for your business.