With a team of industry certified professionals, we deliver better results faster, so you are able to focus on your business. IT downtime is not an option. We are accessible, responsive and solve issues quickly. At Transcendent, we give you clarity by offering solutions elegant in their simplicity.


Transcendent creates solutions that solve our clients' most complex business challenges.  Our experts in strategy, infrastructure, development, and technology are passionate about creating solutions that emphasize clarity, usability and results.  We transform how our clients do business to help them succeed in today's competitive marketplace.


It all starts with a vision. Business depends on technology as never before to drive transformation, productivity, and operations. Transcendent recognizes that technology solutions only become relevant when they solve real business problems. Any technology initiative not tightly linked to specific, measurable business goals risks delivering an empty promise.


Your day-to-day success relies on your IT infrastructure. As advancements in IT infrastructure accelerate, making informed decisions across the lifecycle can be a challenge. Reacting quickly to changing business conditions requires a highly reliable, agile and flexible platform that optimizes business performance while meeting the challenges of ever-evolving environments.


In the hyper-competitive business environment, you need to continually transform your business and improve performance. When we set out to improve your business productivity, we focus on new and unique approaches to conducting business. Through a skilled combination of leading technologies and Business Process Management, Transcendent is able to provide unbeatable short time-to-market solutions which maximize your business potential.


It’s focus. It’s efficiency. It’s simplicity. And, it’s effectiveness. We see the big picture in IT systems, providing holistic solutions that solve the problem, not just treat the symptom.


The final step is to complete testing of the backup and recovery procedures that were created from the previous phases.  This will uncover situations or procedures that may need to be remediated prior to the next testing cycle.


Our Backup Services


Any workstation data loss can mean days of downtime and additional cost to re-create information or re-install utilities. Total Live Care Backup for workstations protects entire workstations–quickly and easily to help reduce downtime.
Transcendent application hosting saas
Dell EMC Compellent MD Equallogic SAN servers installed supported by Transcendent Wisconsin


Transcendent Total Live Care Backup is designed to protect physical servers, VMware® or Hyper-V®, to help offer continuous protection and secure cloud storage to provide fast, convenient recovery of servers and applications. From bare metal images to critical applications like Exchange™, SQL or SharePoint® we help protect your servers and applications to let you focus on the business.


70 percent of customer workstations are not backed up. However, customers continue to store important documents locally. Total Live Care Backup Documents is purpose built to protect locally-stored business documents and eliminate customers’ objections around the cost and complexity of backing up every one of their PCs.
Transcendent can provide all Office365 services