• Transcendent is a leader in the design, implementation and support of Storage Area Networks (SANs). With extensive experience deploying storage, we have a deep understanding of how technology can solve business problems. The greatest challenge organizations face is knowing which technology will help and which will not. Transcendent leverages its expertise to help clients address this challenge and select the best storage solution available for current and future needs.

  • A World of Possibility


    The world of storage is changing so fast.  With more options and features, it is hard to determine the best solution for your organization. Let Transcendent help you determine the best SAN to meet your specific needs.  We have the ability to show you real world solution running in our data center.  We can show you iSCSI or Fiber Channel solutions, traditional or flash solutions as well as solutions in the middle.

  • Data Progression: Automated tiered storage

    Based on actual use and application performance requirements, Dell Storage Center Data Progression automatically classifies and migrates data to the optimum tier.


    Based on actual use and application performance requirements, Dell Storage Center Data Progression automatically classifies and migrates data to the optimum tier and RAID level. All new data is written to Tier 1 drives at RAID 10 performance levels, for the most consistent user experience. As the data ages, it is quickly identified and moved to less expensive storage until it becomes more active again. Data is precisely where it’s needed, when it’s needed – the perfect combination of high IOPs and cost-savings.

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  • Traditional disk-based storage is low cost but has high latency, low IOPs and uses more energy and rack space as capacity grows.

  • A hybrid flash system that mixes flash with low cost disks is ideal for most enterprise workloads.

  • All-Flash can be expensive but in applications where performance and latency are critical, All-Flash is the way to go.

  • SAN QoS

    You apply QoS to your network to improve performance.  What if you could do the same with your storage?


    The NexGen QoS engine is automated and dynamic; the system is self-optimizing to ensure the most effective use of resources.

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  • Implementing Storage is only Half of the Equation


    Companies are generating data at an exponential rate and they want to retain it indefinitely.  Storage management and data retention can be overwhelming.  We have experience helping clients manage their data.

    • Disaster Recovery
    • Business Continuity
    • Data Lifecycle Management
    • Backup
    • Cloud Storage
    • Retention / Archive
    • Virtualization
  • We embarked on a project to virtualize our hosted web applications on a new platform with new storage. A critical component related to the success of this project was selecting a partner to assist us. Transcendent has demonstrated their willingness to do whatever it takes. It's clear that we made the correct choice by partnering with Transcendent.
  • All-Flash & Hybrid Arrays

    Flash storage has the power to fundamentally transform how you do business, but until now solutions have forced you to compromise on performance, price, or features.


    Tegile flash storage arrays are engineered to support multiple grades of storage media to deliver optimal performance with the best possible economics. They also include a full suite of advanced data services, multi-protocol support, and robust management capabilities. So why compromise? Get a flash storage that is fast and affordable.

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