• SharePoint


      Microsoft SharePoint Portal and collaboration solutions allow your employees, customers and partners to access data, documents and applications across your entire enterprise through a single web interface. These solutions reach across disparate systems to improve data and document availability for users, which increases business process efficiency and reduces cost.

    • Search, Share, Collaborate.

      Microsoft® SharePoint® Server, you can empower people to work together and collaborate more effectively. Your employees can use an extensive array of tools to help them share information, organizational knowledge, and personal expertise. Your organization can manage information as well as organizational knowledge to help increase productivity, simplify compliance, and derive more value from information assets in a security-enhanced environment.

      Microsoft SharePoint Server will help you:

      • Search—quickly connect people with the right information.
      • Share—convert insight into organizational knowledge.
      • Collaborate—simplify how people work together and help them more effectively apply information to their needs.

      Transcendent is here to help:

      • Get Started With Microsoft SharePoint
      • Upgrade From a Previous Version
      • Help You Customize Your Existing Sites.
      • Hosted SharePoint

      Transcendent has the experience to help you get the most value from your SharePoint environment.  We have helped clients leverage the power of SharePoint by creating powerful portal sites to document management systems.  Let Transcendent show you how you can use Microsoft SharePoint.

      Did you know that Transcendent can help you secure funding from Microsoft for planning an installation or migration of SharePoint?  It’s simple, but most companies have the funding available and don’t even know it.  Transcendent has helped numerous companies get as much as $10,000 in funding from Microsoft for planning, installing, migrating and even developing Proof of concepts using Microsoft SharePoint.

      We are certified in Microsoft SharePoint Deployment Planning Services – you may be eligible for FREE Microsoft SharePoint deployment funding.

      Transcendent can architect and develop a broad spectrum of portal and collaboration capabilities for organizations using a range of technologies.

    • SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS)

      Are you a Microsoft customer planning to deploy Microsoft SharePoint Server in your organization? Would you like Transcendent to help you plan the deployment? Do you have a Software Assurance (SA) agreement with Microsoft? If yes, then SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) offering is just the solution for you.

      What is SDPS?

      SDPS offering is a benefit provided as part of an organization’s Software Assurance (SA) coverage. SDPS includes a broad range of planning tools and services that help optimize the effectiveness of SharePoint’s core capabilities, lower the cost of deployment and improve organizational productivity. This offering is either delivered by a SDPS Certified Partner or Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) and is designed to help our SA customers successfully plan and deploy SharePoint. Service areas include – Collaboration, Portals, Enterprise Search and Enterprise Content Management. Transcendent consultants hold certifications in both SharePoint Deployment and SharePoint Development and can work with you as a trusted partner to provide a solution that meets your needs.

      What is the duration?

      The number of SDPS days that a customer can receive is determined by a combination of the number of qualifying Office licenses and the number of Core CAL (Client Access License) Suites and Enterprise CAL Suites. To determine the software assurance your organization has purchased, you must identify who, within your organization, “owns” the contract with Microsoft. Contact Us for help in determining what type of SDPS engagement you may be eligible for.

      What services are available?

      While the length of the deployment planning engagement will be dependent on the customer’s SA benefit level, the types of services delivered as listed below will depend on the length of the engagement:

      • A Strategy Briefing defines the vision for achieving technical and business goals and is part of all engagements,
      • An Architectural Design Session introduces SharePoint technologies, solutions and concepts and is added in a 3 Day engagement,
      • A Deployment Planning Session covers a specific SharePoint capability in depth and is added in a 5 Day engagement, and
      • A Proof of Concept demonstrates the solution in the customer’s environment and is added in a 10 and 15 day engagement

      What will it cost?

      Nothing. No additional investment is needed by the customer.

      What are the benefits for you?

      • Extends value of Software Assurance (SA) investment you have made
      • No cost to you
      • Ability to fully understand where SharePoint “fits” in the organization. SDPS offers an engagement that is customized to your needs
      • Faster deployment based on best practices and tools
      • Flexible and tailored
      • Services delivered by a SDPS Certified Partner
    • Microsoft SharePoint Managed Services

      SharePoint may be a critical component to your business.  Transcendent will ensure it’s running predictably, optimally and securely. Our fully managed program is the ideal solution for an organization like yours, an organization that demands the utmost in reliability and service.

      Many companies cannot justify or may not need a full-time SharePoint Administrator. Our Managed Services program can provide a SharePoint expert or complement your staff. 

    • Transcendent’s approach to SharePoint Managed Services provides our clients with a highly responsive team, comprehensive coverage and predictable costs. Transcendent’s SharePoint Managed Service will proactively monitor, manage, and support your Microsoft SharePoint environment on a 24 × 7 basis. We provide comprehensive services in order to ensure that your users are able to work without disruption.

      SharePoint Managed Services Offering Includes:

      • Site monitoring including monitoring of the server, services and performance
      • Configuration support and troubleshooting
      • Administration / permissions management
      • Site Provisioning
      • Workflow assistance
      • Additional services by request

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